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POSTED BY Collin McKenzie February 16, 2017 in FeatureGaming, News, Streaming,
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We are happy to announce the addition of XxULTIMATECASPERxX to the stream family! We are excited for him to join the LunatiK family to and continue grow his channel while entertaining his audience while repenting LunatiK. We asked XxULTIMATECASPERxX some questions to get you to know him better.

1. Tell us a little bit about youself. I am Harry Sohi known as Casper or Ultimatecasper. I am 20 years old and OMG turning 21 this march 26th   I have been streaming since June/July of 2016. If you have questions about me? Feel free to drop into my stream and ask me please

2. Why did I get into streaming? I am going to say for entertainment purposes, and I was being called a hacker a lot so just to prove them wrong. Just to spice my answer up a little, I do it for them LOLs, for the smiles and laughs

3. What is my favorite part about streaming?   My favorite part is entertaining people. I love to make people to see them happy!

4. Why did you choose LunatiK? My good friend Zack(NotSoGhettoGames) mentioned LunatiK and brought it to my attention and possibly should give it a go. Then I watched a few games of LunatiK and I liked it so I am like ALRIGHT LET’S GO

5. What are your goals for the future of streaming? To grow and help grow. To build a community of not so toxic people. Definitely no racism is allowed near me.

You can follow XxULTIMATECASPERxX on twitch at xxultimatecasperxx and on twitter at @Casper3664

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