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POSTED BY Collin McKenzie February 23, 2017 in FeatureGaming, LoS, News,
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Today we are excited to announce that we have picked up team eXplicit in the new FPS game Line of Sight. eXplicit has shown that they are the best team in North America dominating the competition domestically as well as competing at a high level in international play. The team currently plays in a weekly ESL Go4 Cups with a mix of North American and European teams that enter. eXplicit consists of 6 players as of right now being Grishh, Lunar, Xisorzz, Krank, WiKeD, and SIDD.

“Line of Sight is a next-gen online FPS game that features many unique and innovative systems that we try to take them to the next level. Line of Sight takes place in a modern military setting in a twisted reality. To describe it in one sentence, “Bioshock(tm) meets Call of Duty(tm) in a multi-player game.” Sure, it’s an overstatement but we have no better(shorter) way to describe it. Our unique Psionics Abilities will enable you to have a unique game experience. The first batch of these unique Abilities are only the beginning and there are lots more to come in the near future.” –

eXplicit’s leader Grishh had this to say about joining LunatiK – “We are incredibly honored to represent LunatiK. We feel like this move is going to benefit our team, as well as promote growth for the community. We enjoy playing Line of Sight, and this recent competition brought forth by ESL, and are looking forward to competing for LunatiK’s reputation.

The important thing to note about this partnership, is growth. Like I said before, we hope that this move brings forth other organizations and brings new players and fans to LoS and LunatiK.

Thank you to all of the people who have supported us while we were playing under the team eXplicit, and thank you LunatiK. We can’t wait to see what this means for the future of this game and our team.”

LunatiK’s CEO MiracleWhip had this to say about the acquisition, “I speak for all of us here at LunatiK and saying we are VERY excited about picking up eXplicit. After talking with the players and researching the game I think this is going to be very beneficial for both parties involved. Our goal for this partnership is to really help the team and community grow. We have the means to really try and get this game out there and for people to see it and hopefully join and start playing. We want this to go further then the Go4 cups on the weekends and hopefully help start a pro league for the scene. This is a great group of guys who really love the game and want it to succeed and I am right there with them.”

As of right now you can view more LunatiK LoS action on Xisorzz stream at

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