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POSTED BY Collin McKenzie March 17, 2017 in FeatureGaming, News, Rainbow,
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Today we are excited to announce the return of LunatiK Rainbow Six. We first dove into the game during the second seasons of ESL Pro League and had great success. Moving into the 3rd season was a different story which saw the team break apart after a lack luster season. We have been on the lookout for a new team to continue to support as the game continues to grow. We have found that in our new Challenger team with a former LunatiK members Mental and TmurX at the helm. The team will be playing in the newly developed Rainbow Six Challenger League which feeds directly into the Rainbow Six Pro League. They will be playing every Monday this season so stay tuned for info on our official twitter page to find out more on how to watch them!

Mental had this to say about the acquisition, “We feel very honored to be representing LunatiK stepping forward. We have been working very hard to become a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming Challenger League. We have matured as a team and will take this opportunity to re brand ourselves and come out as a team that shows a consistent pattern of improvement. I hope that in the future this can be seen as the starting moment that LunatiK became a consistent and praised name in the Rainbow Six competitive scene.”

LunatiK CEO MiracleWhip said this, “I am excited to be working with Mental and TmurX again. I have been looking to continue to support the game and this is a great opportunity for us to start again and earn our way into the Pro League. I have plenty of faith in Mental and TmurX to guide the other players to be a wrecking crew within the scene and cannot wait for the season to get started.”

Make sure to follow us on Twitter @LunatiK_eSports to be updated on where to watch the new Rainbow Six Siege Team.


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