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POSTED BY Collin McKenzie April 25, 2017 in FeatureGaming, News, Streaming,
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We are happy to announce the addition of PacksCats to the stream family! We are excited for her to join the LunatiK family to and continue grow her channel while entertaining her audience! We asked to get to know PacksCats a little better for you guys and here’s what we found out!

1. Tell us a little bit about youself. I’ve played video games nearly all my life. I watched my cousin play JRPGs like Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, and Xenogears. I had all the emulators on my first computer. Video games have been just as much a part of my life as food or sleep.

2. Why did I get into streaming? I thought streaming would be fun. One of my favorite things to do is to play video games WITH people (solo queueing is sad and lonely.) I figured if I were to stream, I’d meet other fans and gamers. The goal was never to make money or become an e-celebrity, but to have fun and connect with others.

3. What is my favorite part about streaming? My favorite part about streaming is that moment when you make some badass play and you’re like, “I got that on stream!” Then you go back and make a highlight reel. Conversely, seeing something insane or hilarious can be captured and rather than just TELL someone about it, you can show them. They get to see your reaction too, which makes it more personal.

4. Why did you choose LunatiK? LunatiK chose me. I agreed to stream for LunatiK because, more than anything, I wanted to expand my viewership and grow my channel.

5. What are your goals for the future of streaming? I’ve always said that my goal for streaming is to, at one point, have as many as 20 viewers at once. I don’t think I’ll ever get any donations, but that would really feel like an accomplishment to me.

You can follow PacksCats on twitch at Packscats and on twitter at @Packscats

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