LunatiK Welcomes PeterPanonrs to Our Stream Team

POSTED BY Collin McKenzie April 25, 2017 in FeatureGaming, Streaming, Uncategorized,
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We are happy to announce the addition of PeterPanonrs to the stream family! We are excited for him to join the LunatiK family to and continue grow his channel while entertaining his audience while representing LunatiK. We asked PeterPanonrs some questions to get you to know him better.

1. Tell us a little bit about youself. My names Rick i’m 26 years young and i stream a couple of games including Old school Runescape And H1Z1 KOTK, i’m a huge game lover and love the competitive scene.

2. Why did I get into streaming? The reason i got into streaming was 4-5 years ago i used to watch a couple of people stream Runescape and i really wanted to try it myself but i couldn’t afford a high tech computer, i tried saving the money but things always got in the way until last year when i managed to buy myself a pretty expensive computer and started streaming straight away, loving it still 14 months later!

3. What is my favorite part about streaming?  One of my favorite things about streaming is trying to make the game community a better place, and to have a place where my community feels at home, where people can stop by just to have a general chat or to watch the game play and comedy as much as they please.

4. Why did you choose LunatiK? I chose LunatiK as i had been offered other partners in the past but none of them actually fit my channel, so when LunatiK asked i was so happy to accept it as LunitiK fits my channel perfectly.

5. What are your goals for the future of streaming? I suppose a couple of my goals with streaming firstly has to be to build a huge community where everyone wants to stop by and catch up on the game play or even just the community aspect of it IE: the chat or the people who sit in my chat secondly i want to eventually become a competitive H1Z1 player entering competitions when the opportunity arises and when i have actually practiced a bit.

You can follow PeterPanonrs on twitch at Peterpanonrs and on twitter at @Peterpanonrs

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