LunatiK Enters TF2

POSTED BY Collin McKenzie June 21, 2017 in GamingTeam Fortress 2,
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LunatiK eSports has entered Team Fortress 2 with a bang . There are high expectations for this roster coming into LunatiK eSports, the boys are ready to show everyone what they can bring to the table. Joining a steady platform and having full support will help to boost this team to achieve the ultimate goal set in place for this season.

Captain of LunatiK eSports TF2 Roster, Tino says, “We are hoping to get at least top 6 this season. We are hoping to put up decent numbers and show that we are able to play at the very top. As for goals, top 6 at least and to just have a good season in general”. Active roster consists of Captain, Tino_,Speedy, Sigh, Moy, Kev, and Bo4r. This roster is currently competing in ESEA Invite Season 25; this team is on the rise with nothing standing in there way. As stated by COO of LunatiK , “We are happy to have such a dynamic team on board and hope to see them thrive with our organization!”

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