Smite: A New Players First Thoughts

POSTED BY AngelofDeath June 23, 2017 in FeatureGaming,
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Smite is the battle arena game that puts a player in the shoes (or boots) of their favorite mythological gods and goddesses. The gods that are available to play are divided into categories: warrior, assassin, mage, guardian, and hunter. A team must take different roles in order to win and complete objectives.

That is a very oversimplified portrayal of the game. The game is unique in so many ways starting from the premise and working its way up. Smite is not a “press X to win” type of game, it is much smarter than that. The game has many unique elements to it before even pressing play. Smite indulges players in lore of the gods they control. Smite includes histories and lore for players to partake in so they can learn about all of these mythological characters. To me, that is a very strange yet amazing and welcoming aspect to a multiplayer game. I have spent hours reading and watching videos on gods that i have never heard of, and i have learned about different cultures and their mythologies. I mention this aspect of  game for those of you who enjoy lore heavy entertainment, because Smite definitely falls into that category.

Another way Smite is an intelligent and unique game is because one god does not play out the same way to two different players and game types. Smite creators have integrated a build system (weapons, armor, and artifacts) that change the stats of a god for the need of the individual game and/or player. “The build” (as members of the Smite community call it) is the most important aspect of the game! The build makes the game unique because it forces players to have situational awareness and a play style that works for that situation. For example, if a player is fighting an opponent who has built a tank character with high health, then a player must build a character with high damage in order to combat their opponent successfully. The build a player creates for their god will determine the outcome of the game.

Smite forces the players to learn and make decisions. Losing, in my experience, is the best teacher for intelligent games like this one; being yelled at by teammates, being destroyed by opponents and learning from the community after a game is how I have learned to not be a complete waste to the team. It’s a game that requires focus and strategic maneuvers which is refreshing in this current state of the gaming industry.

My last great praise for this arena fighter is the community. The community of players genuinely have a passion for the game. There are some toxic people in the community (lets be honest there always are) however, the overwhelming majority of the community is that of people who respect that you are new to the game and are willing to help you learn and become better. I have had community players who have taught me how to build my gods better, when and when not to make a move on an enemy god, and so much more.If you are tired of gaming community that is toxic and makes you never want to play a video game again, Smite is the way to go.

I highly recommend Smite: Battleground of the Gods. It is free to play, smart, unique and is something a player can dive into no matter what type of game they are into.



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