Ready Player One. A Spoiler Free Review

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Ready Player One is the love letter to 80s pop culture and the entirety of video games that is written by Ernest Cline. The story is told in a point of view narration from the main character, Wade Watts. Wade is an impoverished high school student who travels into a virtual reality called the Oasis. The Oasis is the MMO game. Everyone is plugged into the Oasis for two reasons: Earth is dying because humanity and the governments in control of it have depleted the Earth of its resources, and James Halliday (creator of the Oasis) left a grand prize, the Easter egg,  of billions of dollars within his creation. He calls this contest “The Hunt”. Wade attempts “The Hunt” and learns about the 80’s culture and references that Halliday loved and faces many trails as he attempts to retrieve the Easter Egg.

That’s the basic preference for the novel. However, I bet your asking yourself why should I spend time not gaming and read a book. Well nerds, let me tell ya. Ready Player One is book for gamers. Ernest Cline writes with a passion about the classic video games and details the way they’ve evolved from quarter arcade games to virtual realities. The action reads as a lets play video from a narrator with charisma and wit. {Side-note: the audio-book is read by Will Wheaton and trust me he makes the novel that much better} Cline is gamer at heart and it shows in his writing.

The 80’s are cool. It’s undeniable at this point. Stranger Things and Ready Player One are making bank of this fact. The novel talks about everything 80’s from the music to the original Dungeons and Dragons guides and player handbooks. It exudes an 80’s feel because in the story the 80’s become pop, the reader feels as though they are living in the 80’s because you become obsessed with the pop culture as you read. The setting also combines the future into the setting talking about full body suits that allow an Oasis user to use their whole body while in the virtual reality. There are many meshes of future and classic geek culture thrown in throughout the novel to make you feel like the only cool thing about your time period is the dank memes and CS:GO tourneys.

Ready Player One is the uses the power of nostalgia to create interest in a story then rewards the reader by adding substance and charm to a story. This is so refreshing with all the reboots and remakes in the world at the moment because it adds classic premises with something new. Ready Player One is a fantastic love letter to the 80’s and more importantly to video games.



Still need a reason, Spielberg is making a film adaptation……just saying.

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