LunatiK eSports

LunatiK eSports, LLC is a registered company out of Texas in the United States. We originally got our start as a couple of people who just loved video games and played together for a while in a community called IEG. After much thought a couple of members decided to create their own community and LunatiK eSports was born. Starting out as a community that housed competitive Call of Duty teams we began the journey into eSports. With a very saturated market in the Call of Duty scene we decided to venture into Counter Strike: Global Offensive with the pickup of Never Good Enough. NGE was LunatiK's breakout team by shocking the North American Scene and becoming a top 3 team. Since then we have continued to support the NA CS:GO scene as well as other games. We have had some of the best players in North American under our roof who continue to succeed on other teams in international tournaments.